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The University of Southampton
Researching Assessment Practices (RAP)


Vesna Perisic

Faculty of Social, Human, and Mathematical Sciences

Discipline: Maths

Focus: Understanding and working with feedback

The aim of this case study is to improve students’ perception and understanding of the feedback on weekly problem sheets.

Typically our first year students hand in weekly one piece of homework (a few problems related to the concepts covered in the lectures). Currently our feedback on their work is threefold:

The problem with our current practice is students’ engagement.  The aim of this intervention is to improve students’ engagement with feedback. Working together with the students,   supported by the EAT toolkit and the EAT wheel, we will develop a better understanding of feedback and how to use it to benefit students’ learning.

The students understanding of the feedback will be evaluated before and after the intervention. A part of the intervention will be to ask the students to comment on how they have used previously issued feedback to improve the next piece of work.  This will be re-iterated 4 times to cover all homeworks for the module in the focus.

In addition to the evaluation via a questionnaire before and after the intervention, we will look at the module marks in comparisons with previous years.

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