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The University of Southampton
Researching Assessment Practices (RAP)

Web Sciences Institute

Lisa Harris, Nic Fair

Faculty: Web Science Institute

Discipline: Curriculum Innovation module – available to all students across the University with an option choice

Focus: Assessment Feedback: Self-assessment

Case study A introduces student self-assessment for each topic in the module (5 topics in total), using a set of criteria which have been refined and expressed in plain English and are held on GoogleDocs in a private folder. Students will be responsible for self-assessing by highlighting the relevant criteria on the doc. They will then review the tutor’s assessment and feedback. Specific feedback is provided where student and tutor assessments differ.


Focus: Assessment Design

Case study B will investigate the impact of encouraging students to actively participate in two of the University’s FutureLearn MOOCs on their exam performance in the Online Social Networks module UOSM2012. Two of the exam questions will be based directly on relevant MOOC discussions. Students will be surveyed or interviewed in the revision period and after the exam to establish any benefits they attributed to the MOOC content and online discussions with fellow learners.


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