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Research group

Biomedical electronics

Our group researches, develops and teaches the next generation of healthcare and bio-related technologies.


Our work brings together engineers, scientists and medical researchers on topics including:

  • sensors and biosensors
  • control system design
  • lab-on-a-chip microfluidics
  • rehabilitation technologies
  • biomedical signal processing and machine learning
  • wearable technology for healthcare

Through the school of electronics and computer science, we support a new degree programme in biomedical electronic engineering providing education in this exciting multi-disciplinary field to the level of BEng or MEng.

Our academics also provide teaching and learning activities to students of all levels, from introductory summer schools for school-age students to specialist options for master's students. We also have advanced topics and seminars for PhD students and other members of the school.

Research highlights

People, projects and publications


The exploitation of resources, such as water to produce energy, can negatively impact the sustainable management of others, such as fisheries that provide food.
Professor of Bioelectronics
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