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Boat Show 2018

Join us at Southampton Boat Show

The University of Southampton will again be at the Southampton Boat Show this year, the largest commercial marine event of its kind in 2018 and a fantastic event for the local region.

This year the Boat Show is highlighting plastic pollution in our oceans. Our mission as a University is to ‘Change the world for the better’. As world-leading experts in marine, Earth and environmental science one of the many ways we are implementing this mission is by exploring the secrets of our blue planet and researching the impact of plastics in our oceans.

Join us at the Boat Show to get hands on with marine science and find out how our research into plastics is changing the world.

Plastic pollution is a complex global issue which requires an interdisciplinary response from a range of experts, with the skills to understand the problem and find solutions. The University of Southampton is a world leader in marine and environmental science, and engineering, so is well-equipped to tackle the challenges it brings.

Where to find us:

The Boat Show runs from Friday 14 to Sunday 23 September 2018 10am - 6.30pm.

We do not charge for access to our exhibition or to get onto RV Callista, but you do need to purchase tickets to access the Boat Show. Find out more on the Southampton Boat Show website.

Learn more about what we do

Plastic bottle on a beach

Our plastics research

Academics from many disciplines across the University, from medicine, to engineering, to marine sciences, are working together to tackle the world's plastic pollution problem. Learn more about this research.

BBC Blue Planet seal under water

Our BBC Blue Planet research

Some of our academics were scientific advisors on the latest BBC Blue Planet series. Learn more about our oceans by exploring the research that informed the series.

Deep sea marine life

Take our free online course

Our free 'Exploring our Oceans' online course runs over four weeks and allows you to explore ocean currents, biodiversity, the deep ocean and our human impact. Sign up now.

Top tips for reducing plastic waste

What can you do at our Boat Show stands?

Visit the Science of the Sea Experience

The rock pool at last year's Boat Show
The rock pool at last year's Boat Show

Our Science of the Sea Experience (stand E030) includes a number of exhibits including a shallow rock pool and films about our relationships with plastics and how we can work together to protect the future health of our oceans.

Join us in this marine discovery zone to learn more about our blue planet, what lives within it and how you can help to keep our oceans healthy by reducing plastic waste. Make sure you come with lots of questions for our experts!

Marine Science chatter daily at 3pm:

Every day, scientists from the University of Southampton will be talking ‘science’ outside the Ocean Experience Exhibition. We will be talking about everything from micro plastics in everyday household items, to our marine research expeditions to the Arctic. These will be great, accessible science talks and not to be missed. No need to book, just turn up at 3pm. 

The talks schedule is as follows:

This is just some of the marine life you'll find in our shallow rock pool at the Boat Show.

All these creatures can be found just offshore in UK coastal waters and they could all be threatened because of marine plastic pollution.

Gobby Fish
Gobby Fish
Common Starfish
Common Starfish
Goldsinny Wrasse
Goldsinny Wrasse
Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab
Snakelocks Anemone
Snakelocks Anemone
Blenny Wrasse
Blenny Wrasse

Climb aboard our research vessel

The University's research vessel, Callista
The University's research vessel, Callista

Our research vessel, Callista, is a feature berth in the main Boat Show marina (Berth M455). You can come on board and have a tour. We'll have a remote autonomous vehicle (ROV) in the water filming under the boat and you'll be able to see footage from around the world that has been captured using our ROV. Before you leave make sure you take a look at the plankton samples under the microscope.

View our art installation

Jilly Evans standing next to her art installation.
Jilly Evans with her 'Wave' installation

You'll be able to see this 'Wave' sculpture, made from plastic that has been picked up in Empress Docks, Southampton, by our students during the Spring of 2018.

The sculpture is made by our alumna Jilly Evans and highlights the fact that the problem of plastics in our oceans is both a global and a local issue.

Learn more about the artist and this sculpture.

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