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Research project

Scalable seagrass mapping using deep learning

Project overview

Awarded 7 days of ship time onboard RV Socib under EUROFLEETSPlus SEA Programme Call "REGIONAL"


Lead researcher

Doctor Miguel Massot Campos

Senior Research Fellow

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Other researchers

Professor Blair Thornton

Professor of Marine Autonomy

Research interests

  • Autonomous robotic platforms allow detailed observations to be made over large areas in the ocean. For these systems to be useful, it is necessary to develop advanced sensing capabilities and methods to allow the robots to safely navigate and accurately localize themselves in complex, GPS denied environments. Once observations have been made, it’s necessary to interpret the large volumes of data that are gathered in an efficient and scalable way. For more information on research activities, please visit the ocean perception research website.
  • Seafloor 3D visual reconstruction: Development of deep-sea imaging hardware and processing pipelines for calibration, localisation and 3D mapping of the seafloor with full-field uncertainty characterisation.

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