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Funded projects

In the last 5 years,  a total of 38 Global Partnerships Award projects have been funded.


2018 Global Partnerships Awards

Project Leader  DepartmentProject Partner(s)
Dr Michael Head Clinical Informatics Research Unit, Cancer Sciences Research priorities for high-burden infectious diseases in Kenya and Ghana: a two-day workshop University of Ghana, and University of Nairobi
Dr Marcela Hernandez Garcia Clinical Informatics Research Unit, Cancer Sciences Development of research cooperation to study the impact of re-flooding on active microorganisms in Chinese paddy soils Zhejiang University
Dr Sergio Maldonado CMEES Development of Techniques for Site Selection and Adaptation for Marine
Energy Converters’ Optimal Performance
National Autonomous University of Mexico, and University College Dublin (UCD)
Professor Robert Raja Chemistry Developing Strategic Research Partnerships with Indian Institute of Technology Madras Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Professor Jayanta Sahu

Optoelectronics Research Centre Novel Optical Fibres and fibre components for sensing, imaging and laser applications National Autonomous University of Mexico, and Tecnologico de Monterry
Mr Andrew
Physics and Astronomy Multilateral knowledge transfer between Mercury, Earth and Saturn’s magnetospheres University of California, Berkeley
Dr Debbie Thackray Health Professions Refining simulation-based methods to facilitate the development of occupational therapy and physiotherapy students’ clinical reasoning University of Sydney

2017 Global Partnerships Awards

Project leaderDepartmentProject Partner(s)
Dr Mithila Achintha Engineering Sciences Development of blast resilient glass facades University of Sydney
Dr Andrea Da Ronch Engineering Sciences Technological Advances for a Greener Aviation Istituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA)
Dr Michael Head Medicine Clinical and Experimental Sciences University of Ghana; University of Health & Allied Sciences (UHAS)
Dr Catherine Hill  Medicine  Feasibility study of contactless 3D video assessment and "Somnmat" vestibular stimulation therapy in childhood rhythmic movement disorder ETH Zurich; Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna (AIT)
Dr Bruno Linclau Chemistry Synthesis of Computationally Designed Metal Organic Frameworks University of Cape Town (UCT)

2016 Global Partnerships Awards

Project leaderDepartmentProjectPartner(s)
Dr Stephen Bending English Transatlantic landscapes and Enlightenment communities University of Sydney; International Jefferson Center for Jefferson Studies
Dr Ian Galea Medicine A Southampton-led international consortium on the role of haptoglobin in brain haemorrhage University of Texas, Houston; University of Florida; Kyushu University; University of Manchester
Dr Chee Shen Lim Engineering Sciences, Malaysia Campus A Strategic Microgrid Research Alliance Nanyang Technological University
Professor Philippa Reed Engineering Sciences Evaluation of fatigue crack initiation and propagation in Nickel superalloys for turbine application Kyushu University
Dr Tom Wilkinson Medicine Investigating the presence and contribution of follicular helper T cell and B cell subsets in COPD and non-COPD human subjects immunized with trivalent influenza vaccine: What factors influence effective immunity and Vaccine Responses? Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

2015 Global Partnerships Awards

Project leaderDepartmentProjectPartner
Dr Rob Ewing Biological Sciences Next generation techniques for protein interaction mapping in cancer cells Case Western Reserve University; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Queen's University Belfast
Dr Thomas Irvine Music Erasmus Plus Joint Masters: Studies of the Global Eighteenth Century University of Lorraine; University of Potsdam; University of Malaya
Dr Jo-Han Ng Engineering Sciences, Malaysia Campus Southampton-Malaysia Biodiesel Research Alliance Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Dr Kelvin Peh Biological Sciences Conserving montane anuran and avian communities in Peninsular Malaysia: investigating the effects of habitat degradation and climate change and the phylogeny of representative species University of Western Australia; Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology
Dr Suhaila Sanip Engineering Sciences, Malaysia Campus Development of Advanced Organic Solar Cell research using nanocarbons Nagoya Institute of Technology
Professor Laurie Stras Music "Other Voices" Research Network University of Chicago
Professor Li-Chun Zhan Social Statistics & Demography UK-Netherlands research horizons and European Master of official statistics Utrecht University; Office of National Statistics; Statistics Netherlands

2014 Global Partnerships Awards

Project leader DepartmentProject titlePartner
Dr Kate Borthwick Modern Languages Development of online/blended course in Academic English for Scientists and Engineers Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal
Professor Jane Burridge Health Sciences Southampton-Baltimore Stroke Rehabilitation Research Group University of Maryland, Baltimore
Dr Roxana Carare Medicine Mechanisms for perivascular clearance of amyloid from the brain. Significance for Alzheimer’s disease University of San Diego, California; University of Magdeburg; University of Berkeley, California; University of Kyoto
Dr James Dyke Electronics & Computer Science Closing the loop – Towards co-evolutionary modeling of global society-environment interactions. A workshop with follow-up Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research; Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry; Stockholm Resilience Centre
Professor Markus Heller Engineering Sciences Assessing the skeleton's risk of exposure to extreme mechanical demands ETH Zurich
Professor Peter Smith Biological Sciences Exploration of polarisation contrast in super-oscillatory imaging Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Chicago
Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek Medicine Development of novel treatment for malignant glioma in children Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

2013 Global Partnerships Awards

Project leaderDepartmentProjectPartner
Professor Catherine Clark English Impact, Value and Exchange: Comparative International Perspectives on Arts and Humanities The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities
Dr Nong Gao ISVR Processing of Nanostructured Titanium Alloys though Severe Plastic Deformation for Medical Applications Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy Science (ICCAS), Beijing (China)
Dr Tony Keene & Dr Jonathan Kitchen Chemistry Southampton‐Australia‐New Zealand Magnetism Workshop (SANZMAG‐1) and Magnets for Sensing University of Sydney; Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Dr Yvonne Marshall Archaeology Rock Art Land- and Sea-scapes Simon Fraser University, Canada 
Dr Sylvia Pender Medicine Develop and enable International Research collaborations in Singapore and Malaysia National University of Singapore, University of Malaya (UM)
Dr David Simpson ISVR New techniques for the analysis of brain and cardiovascular signals Federal University of Minas Gerais, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 
Dr Jane Warner Medicine Small airways microstructure in health and disease University of British Columbia, Canada

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