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Duncan Crump

Consulting Engineer


Duncan is a Consulting Engineer with a strong technical background in materials and mechanical testing. He is an expert in experimental mechanics and in particular the use of optical techniques, testing composite structures and dynamic loads.

Duncan graduated as an aerospace engineer from the University of Southampton and stayed to study an EngD in performance of out-of-autoclave composite manufacture in conjunction with GE Aviation in 2004. He initially moved into a three year post-doctorate research role at Southampton, investigating the dynamic loading of composites using synchronised optical techniques to measure strain and temperature. He has then worked on several projects as a testing expert, including testing of large composite structure from wind turbines. Duncan joined RIfI in 2014 to bring his experience of experimental mechanics and optical measurement techniques to consultancy projects. Duncan now primarily focuses on consultancy but continues to engage in various research activities.

Duncan Crump
Duncan Crump

Selected consultancy reports

  1. fI Report.
  2. Tensile testing of composite insert joints. 31/7/2013. RIfI Report.
  3. Further tensile testing of composite bonded scarf joints. 20/9/2013. RIfI Report.
  4. Tensile testing of composite root insert joints. 2/7/2014. RIfI Report.
  5. High strain rate testing of fabric samples. 13/11/2014, RIfI Report.
Duncan Crump
Duncan Crump


Luxfer gas cylinders (current)

Technical and testing expertise and project management role for a team that consists of postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students.  The project is investigating the use of composite gas cylinders.


Employed as testing expert and researcher on a joint project with Aalborg University and DTU Copenhagen.  The project was funded by wind turbine manufacturer LM Wind Power in Denmark and involved testing and investigation of large composite structures.


Lead postdoctoral researcher on jointly funded project by ESPRC and DSTL.  The project used optical full-field techniques at high speed to measure strain and temperature evolution in composite materials during high rate testing.  

Selected papers

  • Crump, D.A.,Dulieu-Barton, J. M. and Savage, J. (2010) The manufacturing procedure for aerospace secondary sandwich structure panels Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials, 12(4), pp 421-447
  • Crump, D.A., Dulieu-Barton, J.M. and Savage, J. (2010) Design and commission of an experimental test rig to apply a full-scale pressure load on composite sandwich panels representative of aircraft secondary structure Measurement Science and Technology, 21(1), 015108-[16pp]. (doi:10.1088/0957-0233/21/1/015108)
  • Crump, D. A., Dulieu-Barton, J. M. (2010) Performance assessment of aerospace sandwich secondary structure panels using thermoelastic stress analysis Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 39, 137-147. (doi: 10.1179/ 174328910X12647080902691)
  • Crump, D.A., Dulieu-Barton, J.M., and Longana, M.L. (2011) Approaches to synchronise conventional measurements with optical techniques at high strain rates Applied Mechanics and Materials, 70, pp75-80
  • Crump, D.A., Dulieu-Barton, J.M. (2012) Assessment of Non-adiabatic behaviour in thermoelastic stress analysis of composite sandwich panels Experimental Mechanics, 52, pp 829-842
  • Fruehmann, R.K., Crump, D.A., and Dulieu-Barton, J.M. (2013) Characterisation of an infrared detector for high frame rate thermography Measurement Science and Technology, 24, doi:10.1088/0957-0233/24/10/105403.
  • Crump, D.A, Dulieu-Barton, J.M. (2013) Investigating the flexural behaviour of foams at high strain rate using optical measurement techniques Key Engineering Materials, 570, pp 799-804
  • Crump, D.A. (2012) The workings of the modern autoclave. UKSPA Innovation into success, Autumn, 59-61
  • Crump, D.A., Dulieu-Barton, J.M., and Boyd, S.W. (2013) Improving structural modelling of high strain rate behaviour of composite materials using high speed imaging NAFEMS Benchmark Magazine, January, 24-27.
  • Crump, D.A., Dulieu-Barton, J.M., Boyd, S.W., Battams, G.P., and Crammond, G. (2013) High speed imaging to investigate the failure and remnant life of composite structure under impact Engineering Integrity, September, 8-11

Key facts

  • Published and contributed to 26 publications in the last 8 years including 3 articles in industrially relevant magazines.
  • Co-supervised four student MSc projects in the last 4 years.
  • Currently co-supervising one PhD student and assisted with the supervision of two successful PhD projects.
  • Part of the organising and teaching team on BSSM Workshop on Experimental Mechanics.

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