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Rifi An Enterprise Consultancy Unit


cooling foam for low temperature testing
Low temperature testing

Our technical expertise is focused on materials and structures specifically:

 - Cryogenics (low temperature engineering)

 - Experimental mechanics (materials and structural testing)

 - Structural analysis using finite element analysis (FEA)

We cross link our expertise to solve complex problems for industry. For example, we perform experimental mechanical testing in a variety of environmental conditions and temperatures (cryogenic and elevated temperatures), static loading, impacted and dynamic conditions, and at high speeds. We can then use state-of-the-art imaging techniques to extract full-field data.

FEA can be deployed in conjunction with the experimental testing to support and reduce the size of the test matrix through parametric studies to provide cost efficient solutions.


Foam failure
Measuring mechanical properties of foam insulation
FEA of hull structure
Simulating hull structure

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