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Rifi An Enterprise Consultancy Unit



RIfI is located in the ideal environment to assist the marine and maritime industries with the characterisation of materials. 

Several of RIfI's consulting engineers are also members of Southampton's Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI). This is a powerful group of experts who are based on the Universities Boldrewood Campus alongside Lloyds Registers UK headquarters.

Metals are quickly being replaced by suitable composites for marine application s. RIfI can produce the testing and complex validations required to justify their selection in partnership with the experts from the Dynamic Structure Group, SMMI and Lloyd Register.

Transport by sea of Liquefied Natural Gases (LNG) has grown by. The number of LNG ships is set to increase by 2020. The certification of these ship relies heavily on cryogenic test data to guarantee the quality of the insulation system and the strength and toughness of the metals use in its construction. The option to transport hydrogen by sea is an interesting topic which will require extensive knowledge of cryogenics and the marine structures.

The expansion of shipping routes closer to the poles may require testing of all materials below the –40 °C threshold. RIfI can assemble a team of marine and low temperature experts to conduct experimental testing and analyse their relevance to new marine regulations.

Corrosion of marine structures can be assessed to commercial timescales by RIfI's tribologist supported by the facilities within nCATS. For example, testing may include; 

Slamming ships

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