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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Biases in the application of Enterprise Risk Management Event

Dr Nuno Cebola
13:00 - 14:00
4 September 2020
Online, MS Teams

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Risk Management is the application of coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regards to risks it faces. To do so, key decision makers must 1) understand the risks posed; 2) be able and capable of making and implementing their decisions. Making risk based decisions appears straight forwards; after all we all make risk based decisions on a daily basis such as when to cross the road; but this is not always the case. Often significant risk based decisions need to be made with limited information, limited time, and limited understanding of their implications. This talk discusses some of the key aspects of risk based decision making from the risk practitioner’s perspective and discusses some of the universal challenges to making and implementing these. In businesses risk practitioners are not always key decision makers and must instead rely on their influence over key decision makers. Practical research based tools and methods are presented and explored to equip risk practitioners with the tools and knowledge to ensure the best possible decisions and in influencing key decisions makers to make the best possible risk based decisions.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Nuno Cebola is the Head of Enterprise Risk at NATS. He is responsible for setting NATS Enterprise Risk Management Framework, associated processes and tools and ensure these are adhered to.
Nuno has a background in Psychology and Human Factors - or the science of managing risks to the safe operation of technical systems by humans. Nuno has spent his career working in safety critical industries ensuring humans can safely operate systems that could otherwise cause the death of hundreds of other humans.
His research focused on the management of fatigue risk for rail workers, but he is too tired of that topic now and has turned his attention to other risks. For his research Nuno played Texas Holdem in the wee hours of the morning with Air Traffic Controllers and was then too afraid to fly for several months afterwards but has since increased his risk tolerance.
He believes that through his work he makes the world a better and safer place a risk at a time whilst having fun doing it.

Speaker information

Dr Nuno Cebola,Risk Manager, NATS, 400 Parkway, Whitely, Fareham, Hants PO15 7FL . Email:

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