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S3RI Seminar - "Optimal design when outcome values are not missing at random", Dr Robin Mitra (Lancaster University) Seminar

S3RI Seminar
14:00 - 15:00
15 November 2018
Lecture Theatre 7B, Building 54, Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Helen Ogden at .

Event details

The presence of missing values complicates analyses. In design of experiments, missing values are particularly problematic when constructing optimal designs, as it is not known which values are missing at the design stage. When data are missing at random it is possible to incorporate this information into the optimality criterion that is used to find designs. However, when data are not missing at random this framework can lead to inefficient designs. In this talk the areas of missing data and optimal design are briefly reviewed. Some of the specific challenges are then considered when finding optimal designs for linear regression models with not missing at random values present.

Speaker information

Dr Robin Mitra, University of Lancaster. Robin is a Lecturer in Statistcs at Lancaster University.

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