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The University of Southampton
Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute

Professor Dirk Husmeier (University of Glasgow) Seminar

S3RI Seminar
14:00 - 15:00
7 February 2019
Building 54, Room 7035, Lecture Theatre 7B, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Helen Ogden at .

Event details

An interesting seminar, be sure not to miss it!

Speaker information

Professor Dirk Husmeier, University of Glasgow. Prof Husmeier's research focuses on the development of novel statistical and machine learning methods for bioinformatics and computational biology, with an emphasis on Bayesian inference. His recent research projects were related to molecular phylogenetics, pattern recognition in DNA sequence alignments, the detection of intraspecific recombination in bacteria and viruses, the reconstruction of gene regulatory networks from transcriptomic profiles and postgenomic data integration, and the development of improved MCMC samplers for Bayesian learning of Bayesian networks. Professor Husmeier's current research focuses on improved Bayesian hierarchical models for the prediction of molecular regulatory networks subject to adaptation, the inference of species interaction networks in ecology, and he's just about to have a first go at Bayesian inference in mechanistic models of molecular pathways.

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