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The University of Southampton
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Research project: An investigation of the effects of moderate fish oil intake

Currently Active:

The lipid-modulatory effects of high intakes of fish oil are well established and are likely to be cardioprotective. In this study the aim is to determine the effects of moderate doses of fish oil after allowing for the effects of age, sex and APOE genotype.

A multi-centre three-part cross-over (placebo, low dose, moderate dose) trial with factorial design for age group, sex and genotype was used with over 300 adults taking part. Initial indications are that there may be a greater effect for males than for females. The research was funded by the UK Food Standards Agency.

The research team includes Ann-Marie Minihane (University of Reading), John Mathers (University of Newcastle), Muriel Caslake (University of Glasgow), Philip Calder (School of Medicine) and Alan Kimber (S3RI).

Results from the study are available in
M J Caslake et al (2008) Effect of sex and genotype on cardiovascular biomarker response to fish oils: the FINGEN study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 88, 618-629 .

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