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Research project: Leaving home and living arrangements of young adults

Currently Active: 

For many young people the transition to adulthood is no longer a linear route from dependency upon parents to co-dependency upon a partner.

The types and timing of demographic transitions in young adulthood are likely to differ according to socio-economic background. More socio-economically advantaged young adults are likely to leave home for education, may return home at a later age, or continue to live independently either alone or with other unrelated persons, whilst postponing entry into parenthood. Those from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to experience an accelerated transition to parenthood, often outside of formal marriage.

This project funded within the ESRC Centre for Population Change undertakes quantitative analysis of data from the UK Labour Force Survey to quantify the changes in living arrangements among young adults in the UK from 1988 to 2008 and to examine differences according to gender and educational background. Geographical differences are examined and the impact of local housing market and labour force opportunities explored.

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