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The University of Southampton
Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute

Capture-recapture modelling in the life sciences

Capture-recapture methods are collections of tools trying to estimate the size of an elusive target population.

Here the focus is on applications in the life sciences where the target population might be a disease registry (focus is on estimating the undercount of the registry) or a human population to be screened for disease (focus is on estimating the screened population with disease where the screening did not find disease). Current interest focuses on zero-truncated count data modelling (the unobserved zeros is the focus of interest) using regression modelling. Other approaches generalise the Lincoln-Petersen method and also sample size question are in the focus of research. Collaboration exists with a variety of academic partners (in the US, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany) as well as institutions applying these ideas including the UK’s Animal Health Veterinary Laboratory Agency.


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