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The University of Southampton
SAFA study

What is SAFA and why are we doing this study?

Acne is a common condition; it can be distressing but a range of treatments (medicines) are available.

We are doing this study so that we can find out more about a treatment, called spironolactone, which might help women with acne or spots.

Spironolactone lowers some of the hormones that cause the skin to make oil.

Does spironolactone help women with acne?

In acne, the skin produces more oil than normal, so some dermatologists use spironolactone to help treat acne, although we do not know for sure whether it works.

For some women, we think spironolactone tablets could replace using antibiotics (taken by mouth) for treating acne. Reducing the use of antibiotics is very important, because bacteria are becoming more resistant to antibiotics so we need to find different treatments.

By carrying out the SAFA (Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne) study, we hope that adult women with acne might benefit in the future if this study is successful. 


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