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Multinuclear (Broadband) NMR Spectroscopy

Many compounds can be better studied using nuclei other than 1H and 13C. The multinuclear probes enable such parameters as oxidation state, complexation geometry and fluxionality of organometallic complexes and inorganic salts to be probed.

Example spectra

Technical Information:

A full range of multinuclear (broadband) NMR experiments are acquired using two broad-band liquids probes (10 mm) that can be tuned to acquire NMR spectroscopic data on nuclei between the extremes of 109Ag (frequency 18.62 MHz) and 31P (frequency 161.98 MHz). Each nucleus can be acquired with and without 1H decoupling.

In addition, the probes include a 2H lock channel and variable temperature capability.

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