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The University of Southampton
Southampton Chemistry Analytical Solutions

Sample Submission

It is extremely important that all samples arrive at SCAS both intact and in a safe condition, please follow the guidelines below.

All samples should be sent to:

[SCAS section/Contact Name]
Southampton Chemistry Analytical Services
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ

Typical sample quantities required:

Mass Spectrometry 1 mg
NMR Spectroscopy 1H 20 mg; 13C 50 mg; other heteronuclei - contact us
X-Ray Diffraction Single crystal requires ca. 20 mg of 0.2 - 0.05 mm size crystals; powder diffraction requires 50 mg – 1 g depending on technique.

All unused samples will be returned.

Please package samples adequately and in a way appropriate to their nature. Special care should be taken if samples are sent in solvent.

Special handling
Some samples may be particularly sensitive and require special storage conditions; others may require additional safety precautions. Please indicate special handling instructions in advance and include a second copy with the sample.

Samples must arrive with a completed sample submission form, a materials safety datasheet (MDS) and a copy of any special handling instructions

Radioactive samples
To comply with the Euratom treaty and University of Southampton radioactive substances policy, we are now obliged to log and track all radioactive material on site, however small the amount. This includes compounds containing Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium regardless of whether they show activity above normal or not,.
If you wish to submit a sample containing radioactive elements we ask that you contact us so the necessary arrangements can be made and the Southampton University Radiation Protection Service (SURPS) can be informed.

If a courier company is to be used, please make arrangements with one of our members of staff to be the contact point. Also, please bear in mind certain delivery times such as Friday afternoon may result in the sample being left unattended over an extended period of time.


Non disclosure information

We appreciate that confidentiality is important to you and we are happy to work under standard non-disclosure agreements. Please contact us for further details.


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Contact us

Tel: +44(0)23 8059 8028
Office hours: Monday - Friday 0900-1700

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