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The University of Southampton
Southampton Chemistry Analytical Solutions

Single Crystal Diffraction

Fully re-equipped in 2011 our X-ray diffraction facilities are at the cutting edge of the technique.

Access to state of the art facilities allows us to offer a comprehensive range of single crystal structure determination options providing the 3D structure of your material at atomic resolution. These are based on the nature of the sample and the information required; they include:

a) full structure determination of routine samples (0.5 mm - 0.1mm crystal size)
b) full structure determination of very small crystals (down to a few microns in favourable cases).
c) absolute structure determination of chiral compounds*
d) variable temperature experiments, for example to study phase changes (80-500K)
e) non-air atmospheres, for example to study hydrogen storage.

Prices start at £395 per sample for routine cases. A typical price for an average quality sample would be around £560 but all samples have individual tailored quotes prepared based on a visual inspection of the crystals and any specific experimental requirements. Please contact us to arrange for a quote.

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