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The University of Southampton
Southampton Clinical and Experimental Neurology Team

The Southampton Clinical and Experimental Neurology Team (SCENT) is a team of scientists and clinicians from across the University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust doing leading edge research in inflammatory and haemorrhagic brain conditions.

Several clinical and lab-based research projects aim to expand our understanding of brain inflammation and the role of the blood-brain barrier in the progression of neurological disease and during acute events such as subarachnoid or intracerebral haemorrhage. A key aim of SCENT is the rapid translation of concepts from discovery science to clinical practice. In parallel, we train the next generation of translational researchers.

SCENT works closely with Southampton Translational Research In MS (STRIMS), a collaborative group working at the clinical/research interface and specifically interested in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). STRIMS includes the Wessex MS Service covering a catchment area of four million in the South of England, incorporating Hampshire, Isle of Wight and surrounding regions. The Wessex MS Service delivers a comprehensive tertiary service, including diagnosis, initiation of treatment and follow-up. A network of community-based specialist MS nurses and district hospital-based neurologists are coordinated from the Wessex Neurological Centre located in Southampton.

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