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Sustainability issues (and quiz!)

Title of talk

The sustainability game show


Is human environmental impact tipping our planet over the edge or will everything be fine?




This session is delivered in fast-paced game show style! Both ‘contestants’ and the ‘audience’ will explore issues around sustainability and how individuals can ‘do their bit’.



In this session human impact on the environment will be explored along three themes:


  1. What are we doing to the planet that is not sustainable?
  2. What impacts will we see? How will they affect earth, humans and other species?
  3. What solutions can we come up with?
  4. A quiz will run alongside discussions to learn about each aspect of sustainability.

Why this is important

Our ecological footprint now exceeds earth’s biocapacity and is only set to increase. This is not sustainable – everyone should understand why, and how they can be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Key descriptors

Environment; Sustainability; Carbon Footprint

Target year groups


Ideal – Years 10-13

Acceptable – Year 9



Dr Tony Curran


What I do when not at work:

Play slightly geeky board games, go swimming or to the gym. I especially like travelling to new places – Budapest, Cape Town and Dubai are some of my recent destinations!


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