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Too much noise?

Alexander Graham-Bell usually takes the historical credit for inventing the telephone but it’s less well-known that he saw this world-changing device as a distraction from his main research into hearing aids!




Sound pervades many aspects of our daily lives as well as being one of our primary means of communication, but when sound is perceived as unwanted noise what can we do about it? How can acoustic research help with environmental noise pollution and its resulting annoyance and stress? How does this research link to positive aspects of the use of sound such as in the design of buildings, or medical diagnosis by ultrasound?

Why this is important

We live in a noisy world.

Key descriptors

Sound; vibration; noise; acoustics; built environment.

Year groups

Ideal – Years 8, 9, 10

Acceptable – Years 7, 11, 12


Dr Steve Dorney

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