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Making replacement body parts in the lab

Thomas Hunt Morgan (an American biologist more famous for studying mutations in fruit flies) found out by chopping up worms called Planaria that tiny pieces less than 1% the size of the adult could grow and regenerate entire new animals.




Sometimes we may get so ill or injured that tissues and organs need replacing completely. Surgeons may try and do this by transplanting tissue from one person to another, but often there simply aren’t enough replacement organs to go round. Scientists, like me, are trying to find out ways to grow replacement body parts in the lab or to stimulate the body to make its own replacement tissue. Come and find out how we’re trying to do this by using stem cells, drugs and biomaterials.

Why this is important

We all want to live healthier and for longer.

Key descriptors

Stem cells; regeneration.

Year groups

Ideal – Years 12, 13

Acceptable – Years 9, 10, 11


Dr Nicholas Evans

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