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Medicine talks and workshops

  1. Personal statement workshop
  2. Medicine entrance exam Workshop - UCAT
  3. Medicine Interview Workshop
  4. What is Medicine?


Inspiring, supporting and empowering the upcoming generation of medical students


Content (of each talk):

  1. Guide on how to structure and write a personal statement with a Q&A
  2. Breakdown of the UCAT examination – tips and advice on how to approach each of the 5 sections, worked example questions from the Medsimple question bank and Q&A
  3. Insight into the different interview style stations, advice on how to approach each station, practical demonstration of the stations with immediate feedback followed by a Q&A
  4. Insight into life as a medical student, NHS, different healthcare career options, advice on academic subjects and opportunities to seek after as a student


Why this is important?

  1. The personal statement plays a pivotal role in the Medicine application process. Therefore, it is important that students are made aware of this and given tools to write a personal statement that is reflective of their personality, passion for Medicine and their unique experiences.
  2. The UCAT entrance exam plays an important role in the candidate selection process, therefore, it will be beneficial for students to receive advice on how to approach the questions under a tight time restraint. The worked examples from the Medsimple question bank will provide students with insight on what to expect.
  3. Interviews form the last hurdle in the Medicine application process. Since the MMI and traditional interview format are remarkably different, the workshop will provide students with insight on what to expect, how to prepare effectively and will provide them with the opportunity to have their questions answered.
  4. This talk is extremely important as it sows the seeds of Medicine being a career option for those who may not have considered it. It will provide students with advice on how to approach applying for Medicine in the near future, the different healthcare routes, life as a medical student and why Medicine should be considered in the first scenario.


Key descriptors:

Medicine, medical school interviews, medical school entrance exams, workshops, medical student, UCAT exam


Suggested age range:

  1. Year 12
  2. Year 12 & Year 13
  3. Year 13
  4. Year 9 - Year 11



Uyiosa Ogunbor (4th year medical student)

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