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Ancient idols/screen icons

How the Ancient World gave rise to the Hollywood Gods.


Humanities & Arts


Since the days of silent film, stars have been central to the way mainstream cinema has sought to engage its audiences, and they remain a major focus of our popular culture. But how did stars first gain this elevated status within cinema, and where did the language of gods, goddesses and idols used to describe them come from?

This talk looks back to the early days of Hollywood to see how the industry put its stars on the pedestal using images and myths inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. I also show how this created a fascinating model for stardom and celebrity that is still with us today.

Why is this important?

This talk encourages us to think about why stars came to be so significant to cinema and other media, and how they belong to a long history of art, myth and culture.


Stars; stardom; Hollywood; cinema; film; antiquity; art; myth; culture

Year groups

Years 11-13


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