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Refugees from fascism in history and memory:

Critically examining the kindertransport and other refugee movements in the 1930s




The study of the Jewish refugee movements of the 1930s have assumed heightened importance in light of the current refugee crises in the Middle East and Mediterranean. Interactive workshops will expose students to engaging and thought provoking archival documentation and exciting cutting-edge research from the University’s own collections. Participants will examine and analyse documents related to Kindertransport children or other refugee groups such as those who came as domestic servants, along with oral testimony, memoirs and select secondary readings. Students will critically examine the intersection of archival documentation and memory sources and grapple with questions of the place and reliability of such sources in creating historical narratives.

Why is this important?

The Kindertransport has become enshrined in British memory as an unequivocal act of rescue and salvation while other movements, such as the 20,000 Jewish domestics who arrived in the same period have left few traces on the national historical psyche. An examination of case studies of various refugee groups allows students to develop empathy for individual stories of struggle as well as to grapple with larger issues of history and memory which are relevant to many aspects of social and cultural inquiry.


Kindertransport, refugees, Jewish domestics, migration, Holocaust, archives, testimony, memory

Year groups

9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Dr Jennifer Craig-Norton  

A British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow with the Parkes Institute, researching and teaching in areas of migration, refugees from fascism and Holocaust studies.


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