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Why study humanities at university?


History, English, Philosophy, Science, Anthropology, Music, Film, Evolution


This talk will explain why studying humanities subjects is so important. Your generation is likely to witness staggering technological developments and momentous changes to our planet. But no matter what technology we end up using, it will have been created by humans. From climate change to the rapid expansion of our cities, understanding our world requires an understanding of us … humans. And so it requires us to study the humanities.  It is essential that we understand what makes us human—how we communicate, tell stories, make music, or carve out identities and come into conflict. The talk will draw on examples from History and Archaeology, Languages, English, Film, Philosophy, and Music and demonstrate how skills developed in those types of subjects will always be in demand and valued in many different careers.

Suggested age range

16-18 Years


This talk will be delivered my multiple staff members, with key figures including Alessia Plutino, Chris Elmer and Christer Petley.

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