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How to inspire green behaviours: moving beyond preaching to the converted

What is this talk/activity about?

Denise is Professor of Sustainable Business and seeks innovative ways to move beyond preaching to the converted by finding new ways to engage mainstream audiences in green solutions. Denise gives two types of talk: 1. A general talk on psychological research underlying behaviour change, and how to motivate sustainable practices. This is based on her research and covers a number of her projects such as the sustainable hairdressing initiative, constructive journalism project and green stories writing competitions. 2. Writing for a cause. The focus is on inspiring green behaviour through fiction but the principles apply to writing for other causes too. If you want to write to change the world, this seminar will show you how to do it well. Denise will shares do’s and don’ts of writing for a cause, drawing upon her research into storytelling for sustainability, research into positive and negative role models, her experience running the green stories writing competitions and her own experience writing eco-fiction aimed at a mainstream audience ( Governments can regulate and businesses can design greener products, but the over-consumption at the heart of our climate and biodiversity crisis is predominantly a cultural issue and writers play a key part.

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All ages

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Citizenship, English




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