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Measuring the world: from Pythagoras to Big Data


Geometry, invented by the ancients to describe the physical world in which we live, is still very relevant today to describe our increasingly complex environment.


The talk will trace the development of geometric ideas from Pythagoras and Archimedes to modern problems in data analysis. Far from being old fashioned, the geometric point of view provides very powerful insights into the structure of our world and provides methods to understand complicated problems in data science with some really important applications.

 Why this is important?

Modern world is built on data, which is complex, has many different forms, changes very rapidly, and is difficult to visualise and analyse. Geometry and its modern descendants allows one to gain understanding of complicated data created in medicine, biology, the sciences, and in business and industrial applications.

 Key descriptors:

geometry, Pythagoras’ theorem, Archimedean geometry, classical problems in geometry, Descartes and coordinates, topology, data science, big data

Suggested age range:

Year 11-13


Professor Jacek Brodzki



Related Staff Member

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