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Aliens in the universe

Are there aliens out there really? Are we alone? How can astronomers find aliens?


Planetary science; astronomy; physics


In this talk I discuss what astronomers currently know about life another planets. I start on Earth, then discuss our solar system, our galaxy, the Milky Way and then finish thinking about the Universe as a whole. At each stage of the talk I discuss with the audience what astronomers currently know about Life on other planets and how they are using telescopes such as Kepler, to find other planets in our Galaxy which may harbour life.

Why this is important

Humans will always try to answer the question ‘Are we alone ?’… The Universe is such a large place, and we are such a small part of it, probability would suggest there must be something else!

Key descriptors

Aliens; life on other planets; extra solar planets; the planets in our solar system.

Year groups

Years 5 and 6


Dr Sadie Jones

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