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Genehunting ? the secrets of the human

It would take a person typing 60 words per minute, eight hours a day, around 50 years to type the ATGC code for one person’s human genome, yet we have a similar number of genes as some worms and fewer than rice!




Since sequencing the first genome in 2003 - genetic medicine has changed the way we look at health. This talk will explain some new tools and their application for researching human disease and prompt discussion on ethical issues as we move toward personalised medicine where “GATTACA” like issues are raised!

Why this is important

Modern genomics is changing the face of clinical medicine and will have an increasing impact on health issues for all of society in the years and decades to come. It can enable genetic diagnosis of disease before symptoms arise, unambiguous diagnoses for patients at presentation, treatment tailored to an individual’s genes and accurate prognostics.

Key descriptors

Genes; medicine; personalised genomics.

Year groups

Ideal – Years 12, 13

Acceptable – Years 9, 10, 11


Sarah Ennis

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