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Trolling and Trusting on the Web

The Web was invented in a Swiss underground nuclear research facility (CERN) but its inventor (Tim Berners-Lee) was born in Poole.


Computing Science


This talk and group activity will explore the downside of the Web’s international network of documents, knowledge and people. We will look at networks of friendships and discuss trolling and whether you can trust information from the Web. We will set students a challenge – how can we improve the Web?

Why is this important?

The Web is the most important communications invention since the printing press, giving us much of our information, and helping us communicate with the people around us. But increasingly companies and governments want to stop us sharing information, or spy on us when we use it. Many, including its inventor Tim Berners-Lee, worry that its future is under threat. The University of Southampton’s Web Science Centre teaches people how the Web works and how society uses it so that everyone can benefit. Learn how you can help stop the trolls, spooks and mega-corporations taking over.


WWW, social networks, information technology, trust, society

Year groups



Professor Les Carr

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