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Citizenship/ Migration/ Refugees

Three lectures exploring themes in Social and Political Philosophy


Citizenship – the changing world of citizenship, the rise of dual nationality, expatriate voting and resident non-citizens voting.

Migration – the scale of global migration in historical context, the different kinds of migration and the different claims they make on states, the current politics of migration and how to address it.

Refugees – the origins of the refugee system, ‘who is a refugee?’, the dilemmas of the current system, how can it be improved?, the EU and the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

 Why this is important?

Citizenship – because this is our fundamental political status and its changing character points to broader changes of politics in a globalizing world.

Migration – apart from climate change, this is the most pressing political issue of our time.

Refugees – because it is fundamental to the future of human rights in the world.

Suggested age range:

Year 9-13


Professor David Owen

Related Staff Member

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