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Cybercrime, hacking and the dark web

What is cybercrime and how does it differ from other forms of crime?


Sociology and Social Policy


Key questions will be explored, such as what is cybercrime and how does it differ from other forms of crime? How do people hack and when can it be useful?

Why is this important?

This talk look at some of the most pressing issues in the field of criminology. Students taking or considering subjects such as Sociology or Psychology at A level will find these talks useful.

Key descriptors

New Technology and the role of humans in its development; Crime and determinism; Nature/Nurture and the problem of reductionism.

Year group

Years 10/11

About the speaker

When not at work, I like to walk my giant dog Timber, who also appears in the Cybercrime talk, albeit only on a Powerpoint slide.



Dr Craig Webber has written a leading textbook, ‘Psychology and Crime’ (2010 Sage Publications) and has researched in the fields of Crime, Psychology and technology, assisting the Home Office and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.


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