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Human Geography/Sociology


The UK's ageing population has reached 12 million and one in seven older people are not receiving the care that they require. At the same time, the UK has a lack of viable housing options for younger people. Home-sharing has been proposed as a solution to these two issues. Home-sharing involves an older person renting out a spare room at a reduced rate, in exchange for household chores and informal care. But what are the experiences of home-sharers? How does living with a lodger change normative living patterns? And what makes a home-share a success or a failure?

Why is it important?

This talk is useful for those undertaking sociology A level because it covers socio-demographic trends, changing patterns of social life, family relationships, household structures and social policy. This talk is also useful for anyone interested in the ageing population and wider ageing issues.

Key Descriptors

Sociology, Ageing, Human Geography, Home-Sharing

Year Groups

12 and 13


Laura Paddon

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