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Understanding how rural poor communities live and work by adapting to their situations


Medicine, Health, Social and Human Sciences


My research entails monitoring the benefits of supplying electricity to rural poor communities in Africa. We are working in a community that does not have electricity and is poor. I am also interested in understanding how people define development, what is important to improve their lives e.g. is it better education, electricity, health, roads, water etc. The focus of this presentation is to give some information about the status of life in this community. For instance, do people access education facilities when needed, what is the state of these facilities? I am also looking at the state of health facilities in the community.

Why this is important

This talk is important in highlighting the conditions that poor people around the world live in and the efforts they make within their own environments to have better lives. It also tries to show that people may want various things, so it is better to ask them what is important for them, instead of assuming and making generalizations with other areas around the world. Research among the poor is important to use in improving their lives and the aim is to attract many young people in working to improve the lives of poor people.

Key descriptors

Rural poor; health; education; electricity; research; development

Year groups

Years 11, 12, 13


Dr Hildah Essendi

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