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The University of Southampton
The Southampton Diffraction Centre

State of the art facilities for chemical and life sciences research

The Southampton Diffraction Centre provides state of the art facilities for crystallisation, single crystal diffraction and thermal analysis of both chemical and biological samples.

Sheer flux

Our new molybdenum rotating anode system is installed and operational in Chemistry. The FR-E+ is a bespoke design from Rigaku and is THE most powerful laboratory-based system in the world for Chemical Crystallography. Our first data collections are incredible – initial indications are that we are seeing flux levels similar to those that we used on a second generation synchrotron.

Imaging crystal growth

The macromolecular crystallisation pipeline, which has been operational for a few months now, has a new addition. The Alchemist and Gryphon liquid handling robots are to be complimented by a Minstrel imaging system that will automatically scan crystallisation well-plate trials for emerging and growing crystals.

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