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The University of Southampton
The Southampton Diffraction Centre

About us

Chemical and Life Sciences: Bridging the gap

Our vision is one of a fully integrated structure-centric research facility where chemists and life scientists work together and learn from each other to progress individual research projects and the field as a whole.

The SDC is an organisation that pools facilities and services associated with the analysis of atomic resolution structure from both the Chemical and Life Sciences. The centre boasts state-of-the-art instrumentation and exceptional expertise in crystallisation, diffraction and thermal analysis of both small and macromolecular-based systems. The UK National Crystallography Service, funded by EPSRC, is housed within the centre and provides a centralised service for chemistry-based academia where advanced facilities are required to answer problems that cannot be solved with local resources. Additionally, our exceptional facilities are accessible to industrial-based research through Southampton Chemistry Analytical Solutions.

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