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The University of Southampton
The Southampton Diffraction Centre


Rigaku SmartLab: Thin films, engineered materials & microdiffraction.

The SmartLab is a high resolution, high intensity diffractometer configured for the study of thin films. It was purchased on an EPSRC grant coordinated by Drs Andrew Hector and Mark Light. It makes possible a whole raft of new measurement types such as X-Ray reflectivity for film thickness, interface roughness and density; reciprocal space-maps for lattice mismatch; pole figure measurements for texture analysis; in-plane diffraction for analysing structural features normal to the surface, residual stress analysis and microdiffraction to sample/map small areas of material.

Vital statistics: 9kW (45kV-200mA) Cu rotating anode source, 5-axis goniometer (including in-plane arm), switchable beam profile (Bragg-Brentano, parallel beam, line or point focus), Ge(220) 2-bounce monochromator option (Ka1), switchable sample stages (RxRy, xy, microdiffraction), 1D silicon strip detector.

Bruker D2 Phaser: Phase identification and line profile analysis.

The Bruker D2 Phaser is a benchtop X-Ray powder diffractometer ideal for phase identification of powdered materials and peak profile anlaysis. User proficiency is possible after a 10 minute training session.

Vital Statistics: 300w (20kV-10mA) Cu sealed tube (Ka1/Ka2) source, theta-theta, primary and secondary axial Soller slits (2.5°), 0.6mm divergence slit, 1D LYNXEYE detector (5° window)

Bruker C2 GADDS: High throughput 2D diffraction

A high throughput diffractometer for low resolution patterns, phase ID and preliminary texture investigation. The large travel x,y,z stage and 2D detector make this a very versatile and rapid instrument.

Vital Statistics: 1.6kW (40kV-40mA) Cu sealed tube (Ka1/Ka2) source, theta-theta, xyz stage, 0.5mm collimator, 2D HiStar detector (34° window at 15mm)

Rigaku SmartLab
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