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The University of Southampton
The Southampton Diffraction Centre



Thermal Analysis Equipment Base

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

The DSC is a Mettler-Toledo instrument, model DSC821e, equipped with a liquid nitrogen low temperature attachment and a TSO801RO Universal Sample Robot.

Temperature range: -150˚C to 700˚C
Heating rates up to 100˚C/min.


Hot-stage Microscope

Standard 40µl Aluminum crucibles with lid are readily available. For other crucibles please inquire with the contact person.The Hot-stage Microscope consists of a Leika polarising Microscope and a Mettler-Toledo FP900 Thermosystem.

Temperature range: -60˚C to 375˚C
Heating rates up to 20˚C/min.

Hot stage microscope
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