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The New Forest: a Brief History (without trees) With Dr Gale Pettifer Event

Published: 6 May 2021
Lunchtime Unlocked

Announcing our free webinar series: Lunchtimes Unlocked The Southampton Institute of Arts and Humanities (SIAH) is pleased to announce a new series of webinars. Entitled Lunchtimes Unlocked: Sustainably appreciating the world and its inhabitants this series has something for everyone. The webinars offer you the opportunity to: • develop skills in creative writing and in sustainably revitalising your wardrobe • experience the sounds and the visual culture of the past • engage with challenging ideas around culture and truth • explore the natural worlds of coasts and forests Join us for these sessions to learn more about what is around you and how to interpret the world and its people.

The New Forest in Hampshire is a landscape that is often described as a remnant of medieval England. This is because many of the features that existed when William the Conqueror designated the area as a royal hunting forest in about 1079, are still very much in evidence today; these are primarily its deer, its pastoral economy, its open heaths and ancient pasture woodlands, and an administration directly descended from medieval times. This webinar, by practicing New Forest Commoner, Dr Gale Pettifer, gives a brief explanation of how this iconic landscape – which is neither new nor a Forest – got its name.

This webinar will not only enable you to understand something of the history of the New Forest, but also provoke a greater interest in the New Forest and its unique qualities, ensuring that your future visits to the New Forest, can be undertaken with an increased awareness of its heritage importance and special environmental qualities.

For more information regarding this event please email Lifelong Learning.

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