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Soundscapes of the South Coast with Paul Du Plessis-Smith Event

Published: 11 May 2021
Lunchtime Unlocked

Announcing our free webinar series: Lunchtimes Unlocked The Southampton Institute of Arts and Humanities (SIAH) is pleased to announce a new series of webinars. Entitled Lunchtimes Unlocked: Sustainably appreciating the world and its inhabitants this series has something for everyone. The webinars offer you the opportunity to: • develop skills in creative writing and in sustainably revitalising your wardrobe • experience the sounds and the visual culture of the past • engage with challenging ideas around culture and truth • explore the natural worlds of coasts and forests Join us for these sessions to learn more about what is around you and how to interpret the world and its people.

We experience the world around us through our senses. We often walk past a busy street without really noticing the sounds creating the bustle. However, with the past year of relative silence, we have begun noticing a lot more – the birdsong, the sound of a car going past on an empty street, the laughter of children in the nearby park and so much more.

Now imagine what your favourite city centre square or your familiar quayside might have sounded like a century or two ago. Paul’s interactive webinar will provoke us to think of our surroundings through sounds, evoking history and culture as we re-create how cities such as Portsmouth Harbour or Winchester sounded in the eighteenth century. Get ready for a sonic time machine.

For more information regarding this event please email Lifelong Learning.

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