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Ethnography with Marion Demossier, Heidi Armbruster, Adriana Patino Event

Published: 2 June 2021
Lunchtime unlocked

Announcing our free webinar series: Lunchtimes Unlocked The Southampton Institute of Arts and Humanities (SIAH) is pleased to announce a new series of webinars. Entitled Lunchtimes Unlocked: Sustainably appreciating the world and its inhabitants this series has something for everyone. The webinars offer you the opportunity to: • develop skills in creative writing and in sustainably revitalising your wardrobe • experience the sounds and the visual culture of the past • engage with challenging ideas around culture and truth • explore the natural worlds of coasts and forests Join us for these sessions to learn more about what is around you and how to interpret the world and its people.

Ethnography has been a buzzword in social sciences research for a while now, but what is it really and how can we all benefit in our daily lives from knowing and understanding more about this fascinating way of observing and interpreting everyday life. Join Professor Marion Demossier, Dr Heidi Armbruster and Dr Adriana Patino from the School of Modern Languages and Linguistics as they unpack this key term through dialogue and interaction.

Designed as an introduction to the concept of ethnography for both researchers as well as the general public, this webinar promises to provoke you to think and introspect what culture can mean not just for you but for business, the world around you and your interactions with it.

For more information regarding this event, please email Lifelong Learning.

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