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The University of Southampton
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Payoff Allocation Methods for Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Games Seminar

15:00 - 16:00
22 February 2017
The Ketley Room (B54 / level 4)

Event details

The minimum-cost spanning tree game is a particular class of cooperative games defined on a graph, where each player owns a vertex. Solutions of the game represent ways to distribute the total cost of a minimum-cost spanning tree among all the players. When we partition the graph into clusters, the generalised minimum spanning tree problem is to determine a minimum-cost tree including exactly one vertex from each cluster. The paper introduces and studies the generalised minimum spanning tree game and some of its properties. We propose a constraint generation algorithm to calculate a stable payoff distribution and present some computational results obtained using the proposed algorithm.

Speaker information

Phuoc (Philip) Le, Postgraduate Research Student of Tri-Dung Nguyen and Tolga Bektas

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