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The University of Southampton
Inspire Medicine - Southampton

Tessa Pei Xuen Yoo BM5, Year 4, 2018

Careers Lead

Tessa Pei Xuen Yoo's Photo

Learn to love yourself, love life and live a life worth living!

Hi, I'm Tessa and I'm Careers Lead!

There is no doubt medical students are always placed in a stressful situation, be it struggles with lectures, revisions for examinations, feeling lost at research projects or just the perks of being a medical student. I remember the struggles of being a first year, the presence of Southampton Academic Society (SAS) helped me tremendously throughout my years of medical school. In addition, the research taster sessions, journal clubs and research conference talks organized by Inspire has helped me gain a proper insight into the field of research medicine which in turn sparked my interest in the clinical academic pathway. Hence, I hoped to become a part of the committee for both societies as I hope to offer as much academic support to other medical students as I once was at their stage too. I also believe that being a part of the committee will help me develop a sense of leadership and gain a closer understanding towards the clinical academic side of medicine. Since SAS was merged with Inspire not long ago, this made my application for committee position for both societies ‘easier’.

I am elected as the careers lead for SIAS for the academic year 2016-2017. My main role is involved in organizing events that are focused on offering as much information and support to help medical students gain a better understanding of the clinical academic pathway. Furthermore, I am also in charge of organizing events that offers support for applications related to the clinical academic careers such as the Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) and also alternative options for intercalation. I am also involved in recruiting as much successful applicants for the AFP in any case SIAS wishes to obtain their help out for future clinical academic related events provided they wish to do so. In addition to my main role, I aid other committee members in related major events throughout the year.


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