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Social Enterprise Module: Become a Social Entrepreneur with Us

Do you want to learn the steps you need to take to become a social entrepreneur? Are you considering working in a social enterprise or in a third sector organisation (charity, NGOs)? The Social Enterprise Module is a unique opportunity offered to students at the University of Southampton to identify a social challenge and develop a social venture. Whilst you learn how to set up your social enterprise, you will also learn about social impact and its measurement.

Social Enterprise Module
Develop your partnerships and networking

How does it work?

'Social Enterprise' is an interactive module that provides students with the theoretical and practical tools to design a social venture. Social entrepreneurship has emerged in the last decades as the process by which citizens take an active role in tackling social challenges through enterprise development. Some of the social issues that social entrepreneurship has addressed are related to poverty alleviation, widening educational participation, access to health care and promoting common good more broadly.

At the end of this module, you should be able to:

-          Identify a social challenge

-          Develop a social venture

-          Design the measurement of social impact

-          Communicate effectively in both oral (group presentations) and written form (reports)

-          Develop leadership and collaborative work skills

-          Pitch ideas persuasively to classmates, lecturers and external stakeholders

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The Social Enterprise Module is offered to undergraduate students from across the University who are eligible to opt for curriculum innovation modules. This module runs during Semester 1 each academic year. Check with your Student Office whether you can take this module within your programme of study.

Shannon Stack - Social Enterprise Student and Social Impact Lab Intern 2020
Shannon Stack - Social Enterprise Student and SIL Intern 2019/20

Student Testimonial

“The Social Enterprise module provided project based learning tackling United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Equally, the module discussed theory, underpinned the social enterprise business model and how it is can reshape the dynamic business environment. Additionally, listening to real stories from social entrepreneurs and guest speakers was insightful and further sparked an interest in social entrepreneurship for me. This module inspired and empowered me to not only focus my academic research and dissertation on social innovation but has led me to undertake an internship within The Social Impact Lab creating digital learning resources. This is just the start of my social entrepreneurial journey as I believe I am a change maker and I hope to further balance the triple bottom line within my business as well as experience Spark India”.

Shannon Stack (BSc Business Management - 3rd Year)

I enjoyed the opportunity to design our own product, which also showed it was something we could actually make a reality. This module was something new and challenged me in a different way to the rest of my modules this semester.

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