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The University of Southampton
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute


We have more than 350 academics and researchers with interests in marine or maritime subjects. You can find a full list here. The list is regularly updated. You can search by topic or get in touch via our contact smmi page and we will find the right person to help with your enquiry.

List of all staff members in Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute
Eric P AchterbergVisiting Professor
Jon AdamsProfessor
Robert AllenEmeritus Professor
Carl L AmosEmeritus Professor
John ArmitageProfessor of Media Arts
Chris ArmstrongProfessor of Political Theory, Departmental Ethics Reviewer
Lindsay-Marie ArmstrongAssociate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
AbuBakr BahajProfessor
Charles BanksEmeritus Professor of Environmental Biotechnology
Joseph BanksLecturer in Ship Science/Maritime Engineering
Anna BarneyAssociate Dean Education
Philip N BartlettProfessor of Electrochemistry
Janice M BartonVisiting Professor of Experimental Mechanics
Nicholas R BatesProfessor of Ocean Biogeochemistry
Sally BennettVisiting Fellow
Tim BergfelderProfessor of Film
Thomas BibbyProfessor of Biological Oceanography
Hazel BiggsEmeritus Professor
James I R BlakeJames is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Composites and High Performance Marine Vehicles and is the Director of Programmes for Maritime Engineering.
Lucy BlueSenior Lecturer
Luke BlundenResearcher in Sustainable Energy
Steven BohatyAssociate Professor in Stratigraphy and Palaeoceanography
Simon BoxallPrincipal Teaching Fellow
Stephen W BoydAssociate Professor
Mario BritoAssociate Professor of Risk Analysis and Risk Management
Jacek BrodzkiProfessor of Pure Mathematics, Deputy Head of School (Research)
Alastair BrownVisiting Researcher
Sally BrownVisiting Senior Research Fellow
Tony BrownProfessor of Physical Geography
Harry BrydenRegius Professor
Dickon BucklandResearch engineer
Jonathan Bull
Rachel BynoeLecturer
Dankmar BöhningProfessor of Medical Statistics
Iain CameronEmeritus Professor
Paul A CarlingEmeritus Professor of Geomorphology at University of Southampton, Visiting Professor at Lancaster University, Visiting Professor at Chengdu University of Technology
John ChaplinEmeritus Professor
Mark A ChapmanAssociate Professor in Ecology and Evolution
Derek ClarkeVisiting Researcher
David CoggonProfessor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Rosalind CoggonRoyal Society University Research Fellow
Ken CollinsEmeritus Fellow
Jon CopleyAssociate Professor in Ocean Exploration & Public Engagement
Jack CorbettProfessor of Politics, Departmental Research Director
Simon J CoxProfessor of Computational Methods
Ian CroudaceEmeritus Professor
Andrew CrudenProfessor of Energy Technology
Andy CundyProfessor of Environmental Radioactivity
Christine CurrieProfessor of Operational Research, Director of CORMSIS
Anne CurryEmeritus Professor of Medieval History
Giampaolo D'AlessandroProfessor of Mathematical Physics
Cecilia D'AngeloLecturer in Marine Biology
Stephen DaleyProfessor of Industrial Active Control
Stephen DarbyProfessor in Physical Geography
Jadu DashProfessor in Remote Sensing
Donna E DaviesProfessor of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology
Wassim DboukMarine and Maritime Policy Research Fellow
Simon DenningtonVisiting Researcher
Justin DixProfessor in Marine Geology & Geophysics
Kamal DjidjeliLecturer
C. Patrick DoncasterProfessor of Ecology
Jon DownesAssociate Professor in Maritime Autonomous Systems
Sybren DrijfhoutProfessor in Physical Oceanography and Climate Physics
Marc G DumontLecturer in Environmental Microbiology
James G DykeVisiting Academic
Gustavo A. M. de AlmeidaAssociate Professor in Hydraulic Engineering
Felix EigenbrodPrincipal Investigator (Spatial Ecology)
Crystal El SafadiSenior Research Fellow
Tim ElliottVisiting Professor
John EvansEmeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Thomas H G EzardProfessor of Evolutionary Ecology
Mandy FaderProfessor of Continence Technology: Associate Vice-President (Major Projects)
R Helen FarrAssociate Professor
Phillip FenbergLecturer in Marine Biology
Jörg FliegeProfessor of Operational Research, Head of Operational Research
Alexander ForryanResearch Fellow
Gavin FosterProfessor of Isotope Geochemistry
Jeremy G FreyProfessor of Physical Chemistry
Bharathram GanapathisubramaniProfessor
Alison GascoigneAssociate Professor
Stephanie GauthierAssociate Professor in Energy and Buildings
Thomas GernonAssociate Professor in Earth Science
John GillettProgramme Leader Fine Art
Jasmin A GodboldAssociate Professor in Marine Ecology
Hayward GodwinAssociate Professor
Yu (Jack) GongLecturer in Operations Management, Director CORMSIS Business Liaison (China)
Susan GourvenecRoyal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies – Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering
Michael James GrantSenior Enterprise Fellow in Marine Archaeology
Ivan D HaighAssociate Professor in Coastal Oceanography
Mathis HainVisiting Fellow
Mary HammondEmeritus Professor of English
Susan HansonVisiting Senior Researcher
Ian HardingEmeritus Fellow
Nicholas HarmonAssociate Professor in Geophysics
David HarrowvenProfessor of Organic Chemistry
Chris HautonProfessor of Marine Ecophysiology
Stephen J HawkinsEmeritus Professor
Lawrence HawkinsEmeritus Fellow
Maria HaywardProfessor of Early Modern History; Ancient History Co-ordinator; Deputy Head of Department
Grant E HearnEmeritus Professor of Offshore Engineering Science
Markus O HellerProfessor of Biomechanics
Grahaeme HendersonAdjunct Professor
Tim HenstockProfessor of Geophysics
Anna HickmanLecturer
Martyn HillProfessor of Electromechanical Systems
Johanna HjalmarssonAssociate Professor
John HollowayProfessor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics
Dan HookAdjunct Professor
Dominic A HudsonShell Professor of Ship Safety and Efficiency
Paul HughesProfessor of Palaeoecology
Victor HumphreyEmeritus Professor
Thomas IrvineAssociate Professor in Music, Alan Turing Fellow
Chris JacksonEmeritus Fellow
Rachael JamesProfessor of Geochemistry
Antony JensenAssociate Professor in Marine Ecology
Matthew JohnsonVisiting Professor
Stephanie JonesAssociate Professor and Co-Director of Southampton Institute for Arts and Humanities
James JordanHead of Department; Karten Associate Professor in Jewish/non-Jewish Relations
Phillip JosephProfessor of Engineering Acoustics
Ranga Dinesh Kahanda KoralageLecturer in Energy Technologies
Georgina KeaneSenior Teaching Fellow
Simon KeayProfessor Emeritus of Roman Archaeology
Bill KeevilProfessor of Environmental Healthcare
Derek KeirAssociate Professor in Geophysics
Alan KempProfessor
Paul KempProfessor of Ecological Engineering
Matt KerrDoctoral Programme Director
Tony R.J. KushnerJames Parkes Professor of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations
Phyllis LamAssociate Professor of Microbial Biogeochemistry
Craig LambertAssociate Professor in Maritime History; Senior Tutor
Jane Elizabeth LaveryLecturer in Latin American Studies (Modern Languages and Linguistics)
Eli LazarusAssociate Professor in Geomorphology; LDE Research Group Leader
Natalie LeeEmeritus Professor
Timothy LeightonProfessor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics
Julian LeylandAssociate Professor in Physical Geography
Yongqiang LiuLecturer
Matthew LoxhamBBSRC Future Leader Fellow/NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre Senior Research Fellow
Zudi LuProfessor of Statistics
Cathy LucasAssociate Professor in Marine Biology
Andrea MargheriAcademic Staff
Ana MargheritisReader in International Relations, Associate Professor, Departmental Postgraduate Programme Lead
Robert MarshProfessor in Oceanography and Climate
John MarshallProfessor of Earth Science
Antonio Martinez-SykoraAssociate Professor in Business Analytics
Juerg Michael MatterProfessor of Geoengineering and Carbon Management
John McAleerAssociate Professor in History; Head of Admissions
John W McBrideProfessor of Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Frank McGroartyChair in Computational Finance & FinTech
Lisa McNeillProfessor of Tectonics
Rachel MillsVisiting Professor
J. Andy MiltonProfessorial Fellow in Analytical Geochemistry
Timothy A MinshullProfessor
Dragana MladenovićVisiting Academic
Graham MoonEmeritus Professor of Human Geography
Mohamed Moshrefi-TorbatiLecturer & Senior Consulting Engineer
Gerald MullerAssociate Professor
Alberto Naveira GarabatoProfessor of Physical Oceanography
Michelle NewberryAssociate Professor | Programme Director, BSc Hons Criminology and Psychology | Head of Work Planning | Academic Integrity Lead
Jo NieldAssociate Professor in Aeolian Geomorphology
Sandra NoguéLecturer in Palaeoenvironmental Science
Marianne O'DohertyAssociate Professor of Late Medieval Literature and Culture
Kendrick OliverProfessor of American History and Head of History Department
Kevin OliverLecturer in Physical Oceanography
Jose OlmoProfessor of Financial Economics (Part Time)
Tope OmitolaSenior Research Fellow
Richard O C OreffoProfessor of Musculoskeletal Science
Steven J OssontSenior Research Fellow
John R OwenEmeritus Professor in Electrochemistry
David OwenProfessor of Social and Political Philosophy
Sabu S PadmadasAssociate Dean (International) and Professor of Demography and Global Health
Martin PalmerProfessor of Geochemistry
Helen PaulLecturer in Economics and Economic History, Departmental Admissions Officer
Christer PetleyProfessor of Atlantic History
Richard PilleyVisiting Fellow
Steven PinchEmeritus Professor of Human Geography
Carlos Ponce de León Albarrán Professor of Electrochemical Engineering
Chris PottsProfessor of Operational Research
William PowrieProfessor of Geotechnical Engineering
John PrestonProfessor of Rail Transport
Geraint PriceEmeritus Professor
Martyn P PrinceSenior research Engineer
Duncan PurdieProfessor of Biological Oceanography
Robert RajaProfessor of Materials Chemistry and Catalysis
Monica RatoiLecturer of Lubrication Science, nCATS
Emily ReidProfessor of International Economic Law and Sustainable Development
David RichardsProfessor
Marc RiusVisiting Academic
Stephen RobertsProfessor of Geology
Joanne RobertsProfessor in Arts and Cultural Management
Ian RobinsonEmeritus Professor
Sam RobinsonSMMI Research Fellow
Emma RoeAssociate Professor in Human Geography
Tiina RooseProfessor of Biological and Environmental Modelling
Francis RoseProfessor of Maritime and Commercial Law
Andrea E RussellProfessor of Physical Electrochemistry
Catherine A RychertAssociate Professor in Geophysics
Sujit SahuProfessor of Statistics
Matteo ScarponiResearch engineer
Marije SchaafsmaLecturer
Joachim SchlörProfessor of Modern Jewish/non-Jewish Relations
David SearProfessor in Physical Geography
Andrew SerdyProfessor of Public International Law and Ocean Governance
Florian SevellecAssociate Professor in Ocean Physics
Bindi ShahLecturer in Sociology, Erasmus/Exchange Coordinator, Athena Swan Rep
Suleiman SharkhProfessor of Power Electronics Machines and Drives
R Ajit ShenoiProfessor of Lightweight Structures
Nikolaos SklirisSenior Research Fellow
Sue SmithInterdisciplinary Research Coordinator
Peter WF SmithProfessor of Social Statistics
Adam J SobeyAssociate Professor
Martin SolanProfessor in Marine Ecology
Francois SoyerAssociate Professor of Late Medieval and Early Modern History
Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon Professor in Information Technology and Data Governance
Neville StantonVisiting Professor of Human Factors in Transport
Peter StathamEmeritus Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry
Maria StokesProfessor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Fraser SturtProfessor
Esther SumnerLecturer in Sedimentology
Peter SunleyProfessor of Economic Geography
Rebecca SykesAdjunct Fellow
András SóbesterProfessor of Digital Design
Mingyi TanLecturer
Andrew J TatemProfessor
Dominic TauntonAssociate Professor in Ship Science and Maritime Engineering
Mia TaylorSenior Teaching Fellow, Fine Art
Rex TaylorAssociate Professor in Geochemistry and Volcanology
Damon A H TeagleProfessor of Geochemistry
Pandeli TemarelEmeritus Professor of Hydroelasticity
Charlie ThompsonResearch Fellow
Blair ThorntonProfessor of Marine Autonomy
Paul N ToddVisiting Fellow
Emma TompkinsProfessor of Geography, Environment and Development
Nicholas TownsendLecturer
Clive TruemanAssociate Professor in Marine Ecology
Stephen R TurnockProfessor of Maritime Fluid Dynamics
Paul TylerEmeritus Professor
Toby TyrrellProfessor in Earth System Science
James VickersEmeritus Professor
Jackie WahbaProfessor of Economics, Department Research Director, Departmental Head of Applied Group
Frank C WalshEmeritus Professor of Electrochemical Engineering
Yikun WangVisiting Academic
Martin B WarnerLecturer in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
Ben WatersonAssociate Professor in Transportation
Jeremy S WebbProfessor of Microbiology
Neil WellsEmeritus Fellow in Physical Oceanography and Meteorology
Richard WestgarthAdjunct Professor
Gabriel D WeymouthAssociate Professor of Marine Hydrodynamics
Julian WhartonAssociate Professor
Paul WhiteProfessor of Statistical Signal Processing
David WhiteProfessor of Infrastructure Geotechnics
Julian WhitewrightSenior Teaching Fellow in Maritime Archaeology
Paul WhittakerDean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanties
Jörg WiedenmannProfessor of Biological Oceanography
Ian D. WilliamsProfessor of Applied Environmental Science
Paul WilsonHead of Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate Research Group, Professor
Philip A WilsonEmeritus Professor
Werenfrid WimmerSenior Research Fellow
Robert J K WoodProfessor of Surface Engineering and Tribology
Fiona WoollardProfessor
Sandy WrightPrincipal Research Engineer
Y P XiongAssociate Professor
Chuang XuanAssociate Professor in Palaeomagnetism
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