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Andrew Jewitt PhD in Informing engineering design from geophysical site survey data.

Andrew Jewitt's Photo

Hi, I'm Andrew Jewitt and I am a studying within the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute at the University of Southampton.

Throughout my studies I have developed an interest in seismic data and how much quantitive information can be derived from it. The SMMI provided me with an opportunity to explore this further and investigate a multi-disciplinary, integrated geoscience approach to characterising the seabed and near-surface sediments. My supervisors include University academics from Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering (Susan Gourvenec) and from Ocean and Earth Science (Justin Dix and Tim Henstock) as well as from industry, SAND Geophysics (Mark Vardy).

I have a background across the geosciences, in geology, geophysics and geotechnical engineering. I graduated from the University of Hull in 2018 where I obtained a BSc honours degree in Geology. In 2019-2020 I studied a Master’s in Exploration Geophysics at the University of Leeds where my thesis was titled “Implementing interpolation algorithms to improve near surface reflections”. After completion of my undergraduate degree, I obtained industry experience where I worked for a geotechnical firm (Soil Engineering) and an Oil exploration company (Schlumberger).

My current research is focussed on how informative geophysical data can be for engineering design of ocean infrastructure. I will explore the potential of using geophysical data to inform engineering design through the derivation of geotechnical parameters from seismic data. My work forms part of the activities of the Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies for Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering and Ocean and Earth science.

My research is multi-disciplinary, and I am supervised by Prof Susan Gourvenec in Engineering and Profs Tim Henstock and Justin Dix in Ocean and Earth Science. I am also co-supervised by Dr Mark Vardy, Director and Head of R&D at SAND Geophysics.

My supervisory team consists;

Professor Susan Gourvenec (FEPS)

Professor Justin Dix (OES)

Professor Tim Henstock (OES)

Dr Mark Vardy (SAND Geophysics)

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