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The University of Southampton
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

Our vision

The Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) is a unique internationally recognised centre of excellence, that brings together experts from all disciplines to tackle global marine & maritime challenges.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading institute for marine and maritime research, innovation and education, by facilitating collaborative research, innovation and education programmes amongst universities, research institutes, industry and governments.

The SMMI’s main offices are co-located alongside Lloyd's Register (LR) at the new £140m Boldrewood Innovation Campus in Southampton - the largest university and business endeavour in the UK. Both the University and Lloyd’s Register are knowledge intensive organisations that thrive symbiotically producing, assessing, implementing and evaluating innovative technologies underpinning the future of the marine and maritime sectors.

With approximately 350 academics working together with society, industry and government, the SMMI is the largest single such entity of its kind in the world. Specialists in ship science and naval architecture, fluid dynamics and acoustics, work alongside experts from oceanography through to arts, humanities and social science disciplines with partners from external organisations to better understand current and future maritime challenges.



The University of Southampton houses world-class marine and maritime expertise and facilities, tied to each of its seven faculties, from scientists, engineers and lawyers, to historians, medics, archaeologists and business experts. The SMMI serves to bridge these academic disciplines, forging new, multi-disciplinary research collaborations and projects tackling global marine/maritime issues. Not only from within the University, we look to partner with organisations both nationally and internationally.


The University offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses in marine and maritime related subjects across its faculties. It also houses several graduate schools in related disciplines. The SMMI is home to a cohort of doctoral scholars, who undertake interdisciplinary research into marine/maritime issues under supervision by academics from two or more different faculties. We also offer professional courses to businesses and individuals.


The SMMI engages with the international business community to help drive innovation and growth in the marine and maritime sector. Through research projects, student projects or consultancy, collaborative working allows a two-way conduit for knowledge and skills exchange: we learn about real-world challenges and needs of business, and businesses benefit from our academic expertise. We also establish longer-term strategic partnerships with external organisations and provide access to our facilities and equipment.  


The University of Southampton strives to change the world for the better. One of the SMMI’s goals is to translate the high quality research of our academics to societal impact and benefit – whether economic, environmental or social sustainability. We have contributed to policy documents on pressing marine/maritime issues and take opportunities to engage with the public on matters relating to the ocean.

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