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Sea Lines of Communication: Construction

The Sea Lines of Communication: Construction Conference's aim was to build upon the themes explored during the inaugural conference in 2014. In this sense, the idea of 'construction' not only was intended as an overarching theme of the day's papers, but also in the larger sense of contructing a multidisciplinary view of the ocean.


Sea Lines of Communication: Construction
2015 Conference Poster
Opening Address

Dr Ivy Fang (Lloyd's Register): How do we foster innovation?


Trade & Transport

Prof Steve Turnock (University of Southampton): Lower carbon shipping - what are the alternatives?

Rolf Warming (University of Southampton: 'I was at the helm when Preussen ran aground'

Brenna Gibson (University of Southampton): English Seafarer Communities in the Late Middle Ages: an economic and cultural exploration of Devon and Norfolk

Energy & Resources

Prof David Paterson (University of St. Andrews): Power and Responsibility: The Blue Growth Agenda

Tim Hughes (University of Southampton): Understanding How Heat Generated in Submarine High Voltage Cables is Dissipated in the Surrounding Sediment

Amelia Astley (University of Southampton): Constructing multibeam bathymetry time-series to constrain temporal variability at shipwreck sites

Doug Forsyth (University of St. Andrews): Epigraphic Fish Lists and Seafood Processing in Hellenistic Greece

Society & Government

Dr Stephanie Jones (University of Southampton): The Indian Ocean: narratives in literature and law

Dirk Siebels (University of Greenwich): Constructing a secure environment - improving maritime security in West Africa

Dr Catherine Scheybeler (Independent Researcher): British Ships for the King of Spain: An experiment in technology transfer

Dr Alexander Hay (Southampton Solent University): 'Here be monsters (and journalists)' - the UK press and the construction of the sea

Group photo
Postgraduate Speakers with SMMI Director, Prof Ajit Shenoi


Climate & Environment

Dr Jonathan Williams (CEO, Marine South East Ltd): Challenges for Science and Technology in the Blue Economy

Esmé Flegg (University of Southampton): UK Maritime disasters since 1950 and their implications for ports, coastline and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

Clementine Chriol (University of Southampton): Creek networks: natural evolution and design choices for intertidal habitat recreation

Thomas Spray (Durham University): Of Schooners and Sagamen: Anglo-Icelandic tourism in the Nineteenth Century

Closing Address

Prof Ajit Shenoi (Director, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute)


SLOC 2015 Book

SLOC 2015 Book

Sea Lines of Communication: Construction published a double-peer edited book, made up of papers given on the day of the conference.

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